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All-Purpose Microfiber Terry Towel 10 x 10 Black Peak Microfiber Sponge with Scrubber Long Handle Wash/Tire Brush
Looking for an Excellent Quality, Soft, Value-Priced, Durable All-Purpose Terry Microfiber Towel?
#1 choice for Cleaning, Scrubbing, Dusting, Mopping, Drying, Detailing, and Wiping just about ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME you need Dust, Dirt and Germs ELIMINATED.
Peak, microfiber sponge with scrubber,
use wet with plenty of car wash soap & water, microfiber weave lifts
dirt from the surface, while washing the vehicle, be sure to wash the
sponge frequently to flush out dirt & debris.
Great for washing the car, truck or SUV, Poly formed bristles with split-tip design for better cleaning, ergonomic proprietary non-slip grip, signature blue and yellow colors, long handled for ease of use
Chemical Guys - Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash (16 oz) Adam's New Car Shampoo 16OZ Angled Wheel + Body Brush - 20 Inch
The Citrus Wash & Gloss Car Wash takes the amazing cleaning power of citrus with a high-tech glossing agent that really makes your paintwork shine. The Citrus Wash & Gloss Car Wash has been a favorite of professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts looking for a high performance wash shampoo that provides astonishing results. Citrus Wash & Gloss is a hyper concentrated wash shampoo with a unique gloss enhancer that is designed to bring out the vibrant shine to any color paintwork. The 100% surface friendly formula will break down heavy dirt, debris and road grime leaving a streak free surface every time. The advanced wash shampoo utilizes the natural cleaning power of citrus to lift and hold dirt in suspension for easy scratch-free rinsing. Natural citrus extracts combined with high-tech cleaning agents that leave your paintwork clean and free of any loose contamination.
Thick, luxurious suds, and a pH neutral formula make Adam’s Car Shampoo the ultimate way to wash your car. The concentrated formula produces more suds with less product and always rinses clean for a spot free finish that won’t scratch or leave water spots.
This wheel and body brush with its
angled head and long 20" handle makes cleaning wheels and lower body
panels back pain free. The bristles, made from chemical-resistant
polystyrene, are durable but tips are flagged for a gentle wash.
Bristles are securely bound into head for minimal shedding.
Adam's Grit Guard Wash Bucket
Adam's Grit Guard Car Wash Bucket is arguably the most important product in your detailing regiment. Having the right tools will help prevent swirls and scratches on your clear coat.